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Magic Remedy to Shake Off Your Cold

‘Tis the Season

…the season for cold symptoms. Yuck. It seems that Winter will never leave without first throwing out a few runny noses and scratchy throats as keepsakes for us to carry along into Spring. In my house, we have found a natural remedy that can stop a cold in its tracks! Next time you feel the first signs of a cold (stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, etc.), give this a try.

Step 1: Take Vitamins To Prevent A Cold

Take these every 4 hours, from the time you begin noticing symptoms until they go away:

  • 200mg Vitamin C
  • 3g garlic
  • 80-100mg Echinacea
  • 15mg zinc

In my household, we find that taking this for just a day or two will completely eliminate a cold! There’s also no harm in taking these vitamins before you feel any symptoms, but simply as a preventative measure  – especially if you know that others around you are sick.

Make sure that when you buy vitamins, you only buy high quality supplements from a reputable source. Over-the-counter options at places like Target or Walgreens are not the same and won’t provide the same benefits as those from a high quality source. We do not sell any supplements at our O’Fallon Chiropractic office, but I would be happy to make some recommendations of places you can get the good stuff. Just call my office at (636) 240-2225.

Step 2: Shake It Off

Is taking that magical set of vitamins a fool-proof method that works 100% of the time? Of course not, nothing can promise to work 100%. (If something does make those claims, then it should probably raise your suspicions.)

But to help get yourself out of misery right away while you’re waiting for the vitamins to kick in, I recommend cranking up the volume on Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ and having a 3-minute dance party with your friends or family.

The medical science behind this part is… well, none. (Although research does show that exercise can help to prevent colds.) But in my own personal “field research”, I have found that the miserable feelings that come along with the start of a cold can be momentarily relieved by a smile, a laugh, and a moment of fun distraction.

Step 3: Visit Your Chiropractor

Of course, one of the best ways to prevent a cold before it ever begins is by keeping your immune system healthy. Chiropractic can help with that! By getting regular adjustments, you can keep your body in tip-top shape so that it is ready to for whatever comes its way. (So you’ll always be ready to defend yourself from cold germs or participate in impromptu lip-syncing dance parties!) Call our office today to make an appointment.

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